AskED® ePollbook Certified in Idaho

Boise, ID — August 12, 2016 — The Office of the Idaho Secretary of State announced that the Robis Elections AskED® ePollbook has been certified and approved for use in Idaho. Electronic poll books are used to check-in voters on Election Day and provide great advantages over paper poll books: saving time and money. Electronic Pollbook benefits include reducing check-in wait times plus the ability to implement same-day registration, on-demand ballot printing and vote-anywhere Vote Centers.

The State of Idaho implements a comprehensive testing and certification program for electronic poll books. Certification verifies that the AskED ePollbook satisfied the requirements of state law when operated as presented. Idaho jurisdictions are required to select only an Idaho-certified electronic pollbook for use in elections.

According to David Davoust, President of Robis Elections, Inc., “We are honored to have the opportunity to serve Idaho counties and their constituents. Robis Elections is pleased to have met Idaho’s high certification standards.”

The benefits of using an AskED ePollbook for Idaho voters and their jurisdictions include;

  • Reduced wait times at the poll sites. The electronic pollbooks allows for faster voter look up and check in. Personalization, screen by screen for each client, ensures that voters are checked in quickly and accurately.
  • Increased accuracy. Pollworkers are guided step-by-step through the built-in patent-pending Election Decision Support™ system. This advanced system provides poll workers with the correct solution to each voter’s situation, including the correct ballot style and any necessary paperwork
  • Tailored to every jurisdiction. The AskED ePollbook is available on tablet devices and touch screen laptops. The software is tailored to the correct county procedures and equipment needed (scanners, signature pads, receipt printers). The ePollbook and peripherals can all be placed in an easy-to-set up case.
  • Real-time reporting. The benefits of AskED go beyond the polling place as well. The chief election official will have access to the AskED Command Center™, which provides a variety of real-time information and reports to improve the management of the AskED ePollbook.
  • Savings to tax-payers. AskED users save money by needing fewer pollworkers and printing less. When implementing Vote Centers and On-Demand Ballot printing, they find even further savings.

“By implementing the AskED ePollbook, the end result is improved accuracy, consistency and availability of the election process,” says Davoust.

Robis is a Midwest company that has been providing innovative technology solutions since 1991. The AskED ePollbook is 100% USA-made and Robis-created software is used in over 50,000 voting locations across the country. For more information, visit or e-mail, or call 630-752-0220 (office). Located at 1751 S. Naperville Road, Suite 104, Wheaton, Illinois 60189.