AskED® Universal Remote™

Your super election app

Download the AskED Universal Remote to a smartphone. Provide election workers with simple guidance & tools to stay on track.

Log in to the AskED Universal Remote web portal. View your dashboard to track Election Day activity in real-time.

The only election management app you need

Increase election efficiency.

Poll Status

Monitor when voting locations open and close.

  • Report election equipment setup & teardown
  • Report voting machine status
  • Report voting location problems

Time Tracker

Track when election workers come and go.

  • Easily clock worker's time in and time out
  • View election worker schedules
  • Track election worker roles


Record when site setup/teardown is complete.

  • Accurately list Election Day procedures
  • Track election task progress
  • View checklist history

Voter Lookup

Look up voters and verify eligibility instantly.

  • Quickly search for voters using a range of criteria
  • Confirm ballot style and/or party
  • Verify polling locations and redirect lost voters

Wait Time

See wait times across all voting locations.

  • Report how many voters are in line
  • Report how many check-in stations are open
  • Redirect voters to other locations

Site Log

Record voter, employee or equipment issues.

  • Maintain detailed election notes
  • Categorize entries
  • Create new logs


Reference training materials & procedures.

  • Eliminate paper manuals
  • Includes videos if available
  • Quickly access important information


Quickly report any emergencies to headquarters.

  • Easily update emergencies at voting locations
  • Allows headquarters to track emergencies
  • Includes suggestions on how to resolve emergencies

Strategically manage voting locations


  • Tier 3 data center hosting
  • 99.997% uptime

Mobile Ready

  • Available for Android devices
  • Use your exisiting smartphones


  • Touchscreen interface
  • Big buttons & text


  • Access information you never had before
  • Integrates many election functions


  • Manage locations & workers
  • Reports, reports, reports

Remote Maintenance

  • Send updates instantly
  • Make changes from your office

Hassle-Free Deployment

  • Built-in dataloader
  • Built-in editing tools


  • Integrates with most equipment
  • Supports multiple file types

Real-Time Updates

  • Built-in dataloader
  • Web portal for remote access

See the AskED® Universal Remote™ in action

Available for Android devices.